Streaming video - 17 minutes

Melanie Klinghoffer helps leaders and professionals maximize individual, team and organizational impact and performance. She is the founder of Powerful Transformations, a human potential learning company through which she is a keynote speaker, trainer, certified advanced group facilitator and management consultant. Prior to launching her own business in 2012, Melanie had a 20 year career in the staffing, recruiting and workforce industry.

Melanie is fondly referred to as a “game changer” by those she serves and is known for helping her clients conquer tough challenges in today’s workplace. She is also an internationally published writer on topics related to her services including leadership, team-building, change management, strategic planning and conflict resolution.

In Melanie’s presentation, entitled Communicating Value To Negotiate Higher Fees, you’ll learn how the way you communicate in a negotiation determines the financial outcome. She shares strategies that build perceived value into your calls from the start and teaches you to engage, educate and enroll prospects and clients at higher fees!


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