Streaming video - 33 minutes

Bob Marshall, founder of The Marshall Plan, has an extensive background in the recruiting industry as a Recruiter, Manager, VP, President, Consultant and Trainer.  In 2012, Bob celebrated his 32nd year in the recruitment business.  Bob started in search and recruiting with a large recruitment organization and soon became a Pacesetter.  In his first office, he was named Account Executive of the Month sixteen times and is the recipient of the Million Dollar Hall of Fame Award.  After working a desk for four years, Bob became a Regional Manager for this same organization delivering operational support and training for their 60+ offices in the eleven western states.  In 1986, Bob founded The Bob Marshall Group.

In this presentation, entitled “Your Desk as a Manufacturing Plant”, Bob reveals the similarities of recruiting and a manufacturing plant including the key personnel and their functions, the three types of job orders, the three types of candidates, sendouts and decisions, and the 4PM staff meeting.


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