Streaming video - 60 minutes

Doug Beabout brings over thirty years of expertise in top billings, placement firm ownership and industry training. His reputation for training excellence has placed him repeatedly as a guest speaker and author for non-profit, private, national, regional and state recruiting associations.  Doug works a top-producing desk every day and is uniquely qualified as a professional personnel services trainer. Having successfully thrived and survived the last three recessions, Doug knows the trenches. Doug Beabout is owner and president of Doug Beabout Group in Miramar Beach, FL. Prior, Doug was owner and president of his own personnel services firms, The Douglas Howard Group, a personnel services firm in Kent, Ohio for seven years and Douglas William Associates, for ten years in Dayton, Ohio. Doug has held the title of CPC; certified personnel consultant since 1981.

In this session, Doug will share ideas and best practices for your research team.
Topics include:

  • How to develop added profits from research staff and creative services
  • How to find profits from "walk-away" clients
  • Pricing research services
  • The advantages of researchers
  • Researcher search project tasks
  • How to choose the "right" researcher for your practice
  • And much more!


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