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Like most of those he trains, Jeff Skrentny, CERS, never intended to create a lifelong career in the search, staffing and recruiting profession.  After being fired from his university teaching position in early 1987, it was just where his business career began.  It didn’t start well; he was voted least likely to succeed, his first deal was a fall off.  Three years later though, he was his firm’s top producer. During his 22 years in search, Jeff has worked hard to perfect search best practices and then share those best practices with thousands of search and recruiting professionals from 33 nations in hundreds of training sessions. Jeff doesn't tell you what you should do; he shares with you what he actually does to close his deals.

Why, for most recruiters, does reference checking seem to be an afterthought of the search process? Most still put off a reference check until the very end of their deal making process. They see it as a tedious and time consuming last step; when actually, reference checking should be the first thing they do.  Not only does Jeff have references checked for nearly every candidate submittal he makes;  BUT it has now become his most successful prospecting technique, one that has lead to over 53% of his billing dollars since January of 2002;  it all but eliminates the voicemail/caller ID problem recruiters must endure;  it has lead to the referrals of more than 39% of the candidates he has placed since 2002;  and he estimates that it has reduced the amount of time his team spends checking references by about 70%. Interested in knowing more?  Let’s join Jeff to learn how.


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