Streaming video - 39 minutes

Mike Harbour is the Founder and President of Harbour Resources, a leadership consulting, training, and talent management firm based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Harbour Resources provides leadership development, coaching and helps organizations build human resources internal recruitment practices. In addition, Harbour Resources provides search services for “C” level, VP, executive, director, and middle management level positions in the healthcare and banking industries. Mike spent over 20 years in the healthcare industry as a leader in hospital operations, leadership training and development, sales, talent management, and executive search. Mike’s leadership was tested and honed while serving in the United States Army as a U.S. Army Soldier/Officer. Building on this experience and success, Mike has become a leading Founding Partner on the world-renowned John C. Maxwell Team as a Certified Coach, Trainer, and Speaker. In this session, Mike shares that leadership is the difference maker and the deal breaker. It is how organizations grow and impact lives. However, leadership cannot be an idea that is simply talked about; leadership requires action.  He’ll discuss a REAL roadmap to show you the way.


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