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Mike Lejeune is a keynote speaker, facilitator, executive coach and author, and is known for his ability to help organizations select, engage and empower top tier talent, and minimize turnover through with proven retention strategies. Mike has spent over 20 years in the middle lane between the talent and the organization as a recruiter. He has identified the major challenges and the success secrets in keeping great talent once hired.  He calls his process the Power of Connectivity. Mike Lejeune served as President of Steverson & Company, one of the leading Executive Search firms in Texas. Mike has also served on the board of directors as President of the Texas Association of Personnel Services and President of the National Speakers Association.


While some believe in the premise of the ABC’s of closing Always Be Closing, the feedback stage should create a safe environment for the candidate to give you their thoughts, process the information without concern for feeling pressure. Too many times we are perceived as being interested in closing the deal instead of a resource to help evaluate and guide the decision making process. This program will take you through the four stages of feedback that pulls the candidate or client to you rather than creating an image of pushing them to an offer.


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