Streaming video - 30 minutes

Kent Burns is the President of Simply Driven Search, with offices in Indianapolis and New York City. Kent leads the team at Simply Driven, which specializes in delivering high-caliber talent across all facets of accounting and finance. Prior to founding Simply Driven, Kent delivered consecutive years of double-digit sales growth as Vice President of Sales for an awardwinning national search firm. Under his sales leadership, the company set multiple revenue records, including the best single month and the best quarter in the company's 18-year history. Before entering the search industry, Kent was a CPA with two Big Four firms as well as a corporate Controller and Chief Financial Officer. He is the author of "What's Your Why?" and "The Why Guide to Your First Job - College Edition." Kent has been featured in publications such as Forbes, CFO Magazine, HR Magazine, The Journal of Accountancy and many more.

In this presentation, Kent talks about “Engagement”, which is the point where you start selling and having real conversations with your candidates and clients.


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