Streaming video - 51 minutes

Margaret Graziano is the owner and managing partner of KeenHire, Inc., a full service talent management solutions firm.  Ms. Graziano has worked in the recruiting industry since 1983, and has been using pre-employment assessments and behavioral based interviewing since 1999.  Her specialty is in coaching and training recruiting and HR professionals, as well as corporate hiring managers, on bridging the gap between recruitment and retention. She has mastered the benchmarking process, applied these skills to the candidate selection process, and created systems and processes that focus on choosing the right hire.

Recruiting and Search is a people business, and many times the human factor is the most difficult to manage, especially when the deal draws to a close.  In this session, Margaret Graziano presents “human influence factors” to help you in “Breaking Barriers” in your business.  You’ll learn about “human influence factors” and how they apply to clients and candidates.  You’ll find out what “drives” them, their personality traits, and how to apply these ideas to your sourcing, selection and on-boarding process.


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