Streaming video - 39 minutes

Michael Pietrack is the Owner and Co-founder of a pharmaceutical industry search firm called TMAC Direct. Michael is a true market master, only serving one small segment of the pharmaceutical industry. Over his 9 year career, Michael has cash-in over $11.5M, and over the last four years, he has grown his $1.2M solo practice into a $2.6M mega desk. As a result of his success, he is a sought after speaker for both the recruiting and pharmaceutical industries. Today, Michael is going to explain how to become a more proficient closer.

In this presentation, called "What Does it Mean to Always Be Closing?", Michael will show you how to turn the interview process into a closing process. He will walk you through the initial call all the way to brokering the offer and share helpful tools and takeaways that is sure to help you close more deals.


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