Streaming video - 20 minutes

Jordan Rayboy is President and CEO of Rayboy Insider Search and leads the top storage-focused executive firm in the country. The Rayboy IS team has helped clients hire over 450 sales, engineering, and management professionals in the past 10 years. Jordan is a frequent speaker at recruiting industry events and associations, at both state and national levels, with a goal of helping to elevate the level of the recruitment industry. He’s a consistent top recruiter biller in the industry and a member of the highly regarded Pinnacle Society – and is well known not only for being an innovative recruiter, but for creating his office in his luxury mobile home and working completely via remote offices.

In this presentation, you’ll learn Jordan’s 10 Steps to Dominating your Market and Owning your Niche, including how to become the most well-known recruiter in your market, how to shorten your time to fill cycle, how to organize your network of contacts to quickly identify the right talent for any given search, and much more.


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