Streaming video - 14 minutes

Everything we say and do with prospects, clients, and candidates has an effect, one way or the other. And what we know is that people judge very quickly. In less than a few seconds, they have categorized you and your service by your behaviors and communication style, and within a few minutes, they start to form lasting judgments about you, your approach, and your organization. Your early behaviors directly determine how they think and feel about us and subsequently will treat you throughout the search or staffing process. Are you being treated as a trusted advisor, a knowledgeable subject matter expert, or just another vendor, order taker, or placement pusher? As Leo Tolstoy aptly stated, “everyone thinks about changing the world, but no one thinks about changing themselves.”

In this NLE Quick Tip, Rob Mosley, Managing Partner with Next Level Exchange, shares insights to better understand how client and candidate cognitive bias affects your recruiting business.


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