Streaming video - 61 minutes

Like most of those he trains, Jeff Skrentny, CERS, never intended to create a lifelong career in the search, staffing and recruiting profession.  After being fired from his university teaching position in early 1987, it was just where his business career began.  It didn’t start well; his first deal was a fall off.  Three years later, he was his firm’s top producer. During his 24+ years in search, Jeff has worked hard to perfect search best practices and then share those best practices with thousands of search and recruiting professionals from 33 nations in hundreds of training sessions. Jeff doesn't tell you what you should do; he shares with you what he actually does to close his deals.

This video is part 2 of Jeff's "What Clients Buy" presentation. Often our sales focus is based on how we are doing as it compares to our quota, our goals, or what others tells us we should be accomplishing. This is a session designed to explore sales success from the most important perspective, that of your clients and prospects.


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