Streaming video - 26 minutes

Brett Blair is the President of Sanford Rose Associates – Brighton (Michigan).  Brett is a member of the Sanford Rose Associates “President’s Club,” and has been one of the top SRA offices each year since opening his firm in the Detroit suburbs in 2007.  He has conducted searches for clients in primarily the mid-range of the organization, from professional /technical individual contributors up to the Vice President level.  His firm’s primary niche is with the automotive electrical manufacturing segment, and he also specializes in Human Resources functional placements.  With extensive international experience, including time living in Japan and working throughout Mexico and Europe, Brett is very active with international retained search assignments.  In his previous career, Brett held a variety of roles inside Alcoa’s automotive division, including Process Engineer, Customer Service Manager, Purchasing Manager, Director of Trade Compliance, Director of Market Development, Director of Human Resources, and ultimately General Manager of Alcoa’s $200M global automotive electronics division.  Brett has a relentlessly positive approach to life and to his search practice, and is an expert in the field of personal motivation, life balance, goal setting and achievement.

In Brett’s Big-Biller presentation, he speaks about what led him to enter into the search business, how he launched his business in the early years, and how he continues to grow his business today.  Brett also shares his thoughts on the importance of “controlling one’s thinking,” the power of written goal setting, and the advantage that comes from a life-long quest for balance and personal growth.


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