Streaming video - 15 minutes

We recruiters get excited when we have a client with an urgent and critical need - an opening the hiring manager states they need filled “ASAP, now, yesterday!” Our thrill is in delivering the right candidates to clients who value our service – who view search firms as an important and necessary part of their business operations. Our goal is to set realistic expectations with clients that are willing to mirror our enthusiasm, energy, and efforts on behalf of that client. When we can walk it back, with a calendar, with our client and qualify the urgency of the client’s need, we are positioning ourselves for the best possible outcome where we are working in tandem with the client to establish and meet their urgent timeline.

In this NLE Quick Tip, Christine Geiger shares how to go about carefully explaining, exploring, and outlining an agreed upon process in advance by outlining mutual expectations what the client can expect from you and what you need from the client to set a more realistic timeline to delivery.


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