Streaming video - 13 minutes

Historically, recruiters create a “sea of sameness” with calls and emails that tend to focus too much on the service being provided by the recruiter’s organization. These messages are disconnected from the real priorities and can be perceived by the prospect as self-serving, self-interested, and lacking real insight into their business. In that initial connection, they are also making decisions based on the value in your message - and whether it is even worthy of a response.

Rob Mosley explains the purpose of the I-Model approach for earning the meeting is to initiate communication in a more diagnostic conversation (or face-to-face meeting) with the decision maker. Through using this approach you will turn cold calls in to warmer consultative conversations that accelerates the relationship. Additionally, you will stand out from the masses and the sea of sameness in voicemails and emails by better communicating a clear purpose for the conversation.


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