There are four primary pillars that can comprise the structure of a strong recruiting presentation: the company, the boss, the position, and the compensation.  Some opportunities will be stronger in certain pillars and it is not necessary to try to cover every pillar in a single presentation; the bottom line is to remember to always look at your client through the eyes of a candidate. What would indicate that working for your client would represent a better opportunity?  What are the most appealing and differentiating facets of this company, city, leadership, responsibilities, or financial security?  Remember that credibility is earned through the words you speak and information you share – make sure to put plenty of thought into eloquently describing what is it in for the candidate to learn more about your client’s opportunity.  Go over your word choice selection carefully, so you can you can be more impactful than other recruiters delivering the same message as well as appeal to a passive candidate marketplace.


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