At the core of the Indirect Approach to recruiting is asking your prospective candidate for a referral, recommendation, or the name of someone else having the level of expertise and experience to match the role you just described. By intentionally using a variation of the take-away close, you are enticing the individual on the other end of the phone to either buy-in to the opportunity themselves, or to let you know who they know that could be a match for your need. Think about the principles of reverse psychology which are at work here. Anyone who is a parent knows an effective way to ensure dinnertime compliance is to challenge a child; “don’t eat any more of those peas - I know you can't finish them” can be a successful approach as people cannot resist the urge to prove someone else wrong when the opportunity to do so is served to them this way! The psychology behind this approach it is that your prospective candidate could be more interested if they need to nominate themselves or share a referral, versus being in a position to be able to turn down an opportunity that is presented to them.


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