You would love the phone to ring with inbound job orders. You can will the phone to ring. You can pray the phone will ring. How else can you ensure that you are allowing for the highest number of inbound calls? There are several approaches that, when combined, make certain that you are covering your bases. Your first step could be to post an assignment for a senior level position – one that you are aware of but may or may not have a signed agreement. All incoming candidates who are a fit for that senior level position are more than likely potential hiring managers. This kills two birds – recruiting for an open position, and business developing for new openings. Your second step really involves the Branding, Advertising, and Public Relations that you are doing in your marketplace, and that we will discuss further in another marketing approach section. Last but most important, it is critical to build a reputation for doing good work within your industry, exceed expectations, and make your client list your reference list. Get a written testimonial from each client and candidate that you place – both sides of the equation are evenly important. These testimonials can be posted to your social networking pages, attached to your emails, or uploaded on your website.


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