I was an ‘early adopter’ of the Next Level Exchange training and have been a huge fan from the beginning! I love the Foundation Training program – and having it facilitated really brought it to another level of impact. It made the content ‘come alive’ in a way reading and watching alone hadn’t done! Loved it – I’d recommend it to everyone, new or not, as a way to really develop as a professional.

Peg Newman, Managing Partner Sanford Rose Associates – Salt Lake City

The Facilitated Foundation Training is awesome. It frees up my time to focus on building the business, yet we could trust our new hires are held accountable. Many thanks!

Brian Haugh, Recruiting Manager Veridian National Search

This was the single most effective use of time dedicated to personal and professional growth that I have experienced in the last 10 years.

David Hayes, President HireMinds

We just completed our first NLE TV session this morning and we give it a 10+. The content and delivery of the “Building a Collaborative Client Relationship” module were excellent. We are downright enthusiastic about future NLE TV presentations. It’s without question the best investment we can make in ourselves and our people.

Joseph B. Hunt, Senior Partner Hunt Executive Search

Getting involved with Next Level training has been a game changer for my business. We’ve only just begun using the Next Level TV resources, but have worked these into a weekly professional development session (Lunch & Learn) to keep our team constantly improving, and the feedback so far has been great.

Rick Harcourt, President Harcourt Recruiting Specialists
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The NLE Foundation Training Program is some of the best training available today. This can be used for rookies or that tenured recruiter looking to get sharper with their skills. We have been able to maintain a revenue growth of 30% at our offices largely because of the NLE program. We especially like the week by week breakdown and the amazing support that the NLE team offers if and when we have any questions. This is an invaluable tool for us and I would recommend it for any search firm owner looking to train that Rookie recruiter/ existing team or that solo producer looking to go to the Next Level in performance.

Craig Libis, CEO Executive Recruiting Consultants

Next Level had created one of the finest examples of recruiter training that exists in today’s recruiting marketplace bar none. Whether you’re a rookie or a pro the name says it all – and this is the training product that will take you to the Next Level. If I had one product or training system to invest in to train, motivate and grow myself or my recruiters with this would be it.

Bill Vick, President www.BillBillers.org

In my opinion, there is no such thing as ever taking a risk in listening to Jeff Kaye. If anyone is willing to invest the time to watch your new training video’s, they can not help but open their minds to a multitude of new ways to think about their practices. Your pragmatic approach and real life ideas are the keys to a successful business. As always you continue to be a strong influence in the growth of our business.

Robert Klein, Managing Partner Management Recruiters of Willow Grove

I am approaching my ten year anniversary in the recruiting industry and our firm has always had an aggressive grwoth strategy. The key to our success will always be focused around hiring the the best talent in our market, and then effectively grooming and coaching them to the next level. If we experience the high turnover many of our competitors are experiencing, we could never achieve our aggressive goals cost effectively. To that end, I look for firms in the market that have already implemented and achieved what we hope to. Jeff Kaye, and Kaye/Bassman are the team we have chosen to emulate. He is a proven leader, and continues to think outside the box in every conversation we have. Our goal is to perform in the top 1% of the recruiting world, and we have agreed to partner with Jeff Kaye and use their consulting and training offerings to help us reach the top. Thanks Jeff for all you have done for us and are about to do for us.

Tom Near, President & CEO NEAR & Associates

We ordered the Candidate series DVD’s based on our respect and admiration for the KBIC team. I can tell you we have not been disappointed. Initially, our plan was to review the series as our morning meeting topics for two weeks. At the end of the two weeks, there was such an overwhelming response from the individuals within our firm that we have continued using the candidate series as our morning meeting discussions. Jeff provides a simple and easy to follow platform to recruiting candidates. He adds new and innovative techniques as well as reinforcement of the “blocking and tackling” skills we sometimes overlook to become successful in the Executive Search industry.

Scott Chadbourne Managing Director

When I first learned of Jeff Kaye’s new training series, there was never a doubt that I would be adding it to our training arsenal. His talent and accomplishments as a recruiter and business builder are extraordinary. These DVD’s are just what I expected, exceptional! By the time the set is complete, it will truly be the “Best in Class” product that you would expect from Jeff Kaye. These DVDs are clearly the finest that I have seen and just what we needed. There is a tremendous amount of information packed into each DVD, so I know that they will get great repeated use. Whether you are a rookie or a seasoned manager, there is much to glean from these DVD’s.

Drue DeAngelis, Managing Partner The De Angelis Group

I thought the first series (Candidate Series) was very good. The greatest value my team realized was the amount of work necessary to be successful in the search process. It was eye-opening for them to realize that these steps are well thought out, well constructed and necessary to doing the job the right way. Thanks for helping me emphasize to my team that this isn’t an easy business – it requires practice, commitment and focus.

Doug Johnson President, Valor Partners

I would like to comment on your DVD series and your coaching. Even after all these years in business its nice to see a pro at work. You cover all the basis in the DVD series and really get behind the true issues in the series. Clearly, you designed the series to show both new and experienced recruiters, if you follow a system you can win. Everything is predictable in the business and you make that very clear in tape after tape.

Dan Levy, CEO DNA Search, Inc.

We actually spent 2 months 5 days a week watching, doing, reviewing and summarizing your series. This series was great. It does not matter if you have been in our business for years (I am 23 years) or if it is your first week. The Golden Nuggets are priceless. Put us down for your marketing series! Don’t let us wait any longer!

Joni Lampl, President/Managing Partner Management Recruiters of Pittsburgh-North, Inc.

Thank you for providing an incredible training series on candidate recruiting that will allow anyone from ‘rookies’ to pro’s in recruiting to achieve their goals. I am excited to incorporate your introductory series into my firm’s initial and ongoing training program. As one of our industry’s top firms with a winning team of professionals I truly admire and respect, it is wonderful to be able to utilize the practices and techniques that have allowed KBIC to attain an impressive track record of growth and achievement. As always, your charismatic delivery is informative and motivating! In addition, my team really enjoyed hearing tips directly from top KBIC search consultants including Mike Kittelson and Jeff Wittenberg. As part of the MRINetwork, we have always enjoyed training from the KBIC team. Nick Turner, Shawn Desgrosellier, Matt Steffe, Holly Wittenberg, Krista Dawson, John McAfee and many others have provided us with excellent advice and approaches to our business over the past 7 years. I’m thrilled to finally have this training on DVD to share with my team.

Thank you again for providing us with your wisdom and insight. I anxiously await your next series!

Glenda Church Smith, President & CEO OM5 Dallas

We have started using the Next Level Recruiting Training course for all our new recruiting staff. The structure of the Modules and Chapters is well defined. People new to the industry can easily identify the themes and duration of each module and the learning progresses in a clearly defined way. The supporting documentation supplements the learning process well and allows students to concentrate on the presentation without having to take copious notes. Similarly the written notes shown on the screen help students to absorb the information.A particular strong point is Jeff Kaye himself. He is a brilliant public speaker and his enthusiasm and obvious motivation for the search business coupled with his stories make the lessons very entertaining and lively. Jeff teaches the basic technical knowledge and shows how to apply the concepts in reality. He is an amazing communicator who not only teaches but motivates new hires to see our profession as exciting, motivating and offering real career opportunities.

John Steele, President MRI Manserv AG, Switzerland

Jeff Kaye is the brightest mind we have in the recruiting industry today. As the owner of a sister company to Kaye/Bassman for several years, I have seen his organization from an insider’s perspective. He has consistently been a thought leader and innovator over the past 10+ years, and his results speak for themselves. However, what I like best about Jeff Kaye is not his many successes, but rather who he is as a person. I am proud to call him my friend as well as my colleague.

Kent Burns, Owner, Simply Driven Search – Indianapolis and author of What’s Your Why?

You’ve done a masterful job in your first candidate side series. We have developed newbie training programs here that have gone from about a week to about three weeks using several different trainers as the backbone. But, after reviewing your new series with my recruiting staff, we’ve decided to completely redesign our training for newbies using your candidate series as the basis of the program. It is flexible enough for most recruiting firms to incorporate into whatever particular training/trainer bent that they currently employ, and you seem to have gone out of your way to use language and concepts that are universal in the search and placement industry. I have, and I will continue to recommend your training DVD’s to everyone. It’s just great stuff!!!

Tony Ciaramitaro President, Corporate Search Consultants VP,
Florida Association of Personnel Services

Would you rather be trained to play golf by Tiger Woods or the assistant pro at the local public course? Jeff Kaye and his Next Level Recruiting Training program clearly demonstrate what a winner is all about – and how they reached the top of their profession. And the winners have crafted a program that is a must for rookies and seasoned vets alike.

Paul Hawkinson, Editor The Fordyce Letter